Our experiences from the blog project

From Emily McHugh, Laura Raineri and Tristan Rott
Hosted by Laure-Anne Thomas and Lisa Torjuul

Each participant from the blog project “Voices against Racism and Populism” has completed his or her work, be it a text, a film or a podcast. Looking back to it, participants from each editorial office (text, film or podcast) share what they experienced: Whether it was a first interview with a political figure, awareness of white privilege or working with someone from a different culture. This episode is also hosted by two project participants – in German and French. And these two also talk about their experiences.

With this podcast episode including individual point of views, the blog project 2022/23 comes to an end. Hopefully you were able to get a better insight into the project – and maybe join us next time.

This episode is available on all podcast platforms. Feel free to share it with your colleagues, friends or families.

Languages: French, German 

Music: Hicham Chahidi

Illustration: Chloé Huie Brickert

About the authors:
Emily McHugh

There is nothing Emily loves more than an excuse for bunking lectures. Born and raised in London, she deeply regrets her decision to study German with Germans only at the University of Freiburg. Participating in this journalism workshop has not only been a brilliant distraction from the course, but a fun, educational experience she would recommend to other students.

Tristan Rott

Tristan is 18 years old and a German-French volunteer for the Crous in Strasbourg as part of a voluntary service with the German-French Youth-Office. After that year, he aims to study natural science or engineering. He originally comes from a small village near Regensburg, is very interested in politics and does kickboxing, pointfighting and Tae-Kwon-Do.

Laura Raineri

Between her bachelors in psychology and her master degree, Laura is currently doing a French-German civic service in Karlsruhe. In her free time she likes knitting, cooking and watching (probably too much) Youtube videos. That’s how she became familiar with systemic racism and the importance of taking action. She hopes that with this podcast it will be a good concrete act to help the cause.

About the hosts:
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Lisa Torjuul

Lisa studies interdisciplinary anthropology in Freiburg. Besides, she writes for the local newspaper Badische Zeitung and picks out the best current indie tracks in the music editorial office of uniFM. She likes to discuss justice, mental health and current cultural phenomena. She also likes dogs and beautiful light.

Laure-Anne Thomas

Laure-Anne is 19 years old and in the third year of her German-French-Swiss Triple Bachelor in International Business Management. From a young age, she has always been very interested in societal issues and quickly became interested in politics (partly thanks to her father). She loves learning from others and forming her own opinions.

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