“Europeans, do your homework”

From Laura Raineri and Felicitas Dold

Despite the European enslavement, repression and dominance of African people and land, Europe and Africa maintain close economic and cultural relations. But these are not equal, because Europeans still seek to implement their dominance and defend their interests upon other countries. How can this uneven balance of power be overcome?

This is what we asked our interviewees: Dr. Annika Hampel is responsible for the recruitment of international scientists at the Max Planck Institute. She has long been dealing with the question of how international relations can become more equal. Gloria Kenyatta, a PhD in political science at the University of Freiburg, is particularly interested in public policy in East Africa. 

This imbalanced power also exists at an individual level. It is deeply rooted in our behaviour. We therefore ask the question: How do white people communicate with PoCs? How do PoCs expect white people to behave regarding racism? How can white people become real allies? This is what we asked young racialized women in France and Germany for this bilingual podcast.

Language: English, German, French

Music: Hicham Chahidi

Illustration: Chloé Huie Brickert


Kiffe ta race, épisode n°27: “Check tes privilèges blancs“ avec Eric Fassin

Kiffe ta race, épisode n°13 : “Comment être un.e bon.ne allié.e ?”avec Justine Devillaine.

Kiffe ta race, épisode n°96: “Suisse : histoire d’un déni racial” avec Cédric Djedje, Safi Martin-Yé et Noémi Michel

Kiffe ta race, épisode n°93 : “Du journalisme à la fiction, que faire de sa subjectivité ?“ avec Doan Bui.

Vidéo “5 Tips For Being An Ally”, de chescaleigh (Novembre 2014)

Vidéo “Devenir un allié”, de l’école de la FP du Canada (mars 2021)

Article “Du syndrome du sauveur blanc à la solidarité”, par anonyme (mai 2021)

Dr. Jule Bönkost (März 2021) White Allyship: Keine Selbstbeschreibung, sondern Handeln

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Annika Hampel (2015), Fair Cooperation: Partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit in der Auswärtigen Kulturpolitik

BioNTech in Ruanda – Segen für Afrika? (2022), SWR

Theater-Compagnie Flinnworks: https://www.flinnworks.de/de/ 

About the authors:
Laura Raineri

Between her bachelors in psychology and her master degree, Laura is currently doing a French-German civic service in Karlsruhe. In her free time she likes knitting, cooking and watching (probably too much) Youtube videos. That’s how she became familiar with systemic racism and the importance of taking action. She hopes that with this podcast it will be a good concrete act to help the cause.

Felicitas Dold

Felicitas is currently in the final stages of her bachelor’s. When she’s not pondering the fascinating plant life of the earth, she can often be found hiking in secluded forests. Since she’s been a teenager, she was fascinated by the diversity of the earth, its landscapes, people and languages. To appreciate diversity, it is important to her to engage in cultural and historical education work with this project.

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