I am not your fetish

From Lisa Torjuul

“Exotic”, “available” or “fiery” – girls and women of colour have to deal with these attributions every day. Not only in their dating life, but also on the street, at work and at school. How does that sexualisation feel for women when it is directly linked to racism? What can be done about it? And what does it have to do with colonialism? 

In this podcast episode, women of colour talk about their experiences and how they deal with fetishisation. I also talk about the origins of exoticisation in colonial history.

Language: German, English

Music: Hicham Chahidi

Illustration: Chloé Huie Brickert


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About the author:
Lisa Torjuul

Lisa studies interdisciplinary anthropology in Freiburg. Besides, she writes for the local newspaper Badische Zeitung and picks out the best current indie tracks in the music editorial office of uniFM. She likes to discuss justice, mental health and current cultural phenomena. She also likes dogs and beautiful light.

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