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In the project of this year 2022, the podcast editorial team is going into its second round – with a new cast of participants and a new editor-in-chief! Seven students and volunteers from Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg and Lörrach came together on three weekends in November and December in Freiburg and developed great concepts for their own podcasts.

The podcast format gives the participants the opportunity to give free rein to their creativity and to acoustically surprise their listeners.

The goal on the one hand, is to tell personal stories and to let voices of affected persons be heard. On the other hand, the aim is to look for explanations on social issues as a whole and to bring events into their context in a critical way. The editorial team is investigating current and relevant questions in four documentary podcasts. It wants to find out: How can white people be allies against racism and populism? What is the status of people from Martinique in France? What are the experiences of students of colour at colleges and universities? And what are the experiences of women* of colour in dating?

Editorial management
Julika Kott
Julika Kott

Julika is a freelance journalist. For her, journalism should be free of any discrimination. Therefore she sees her responsibility as a white journalist to work to cope with it. Julika grew up in Paris with German parents and is interested in the media culture of both of her countries.

The Podcast Editorial Team of 2021

We are a German-French team of 17 German and French students and volunteers from the universities of the Upper Rhine region and Lyon united by a common interest in one topic: The fight against racism and populism. Our podcast offers a platform where we can draw attention to socially relevant topics that we consider important.

With the format of a podcast, we can not only bring to life our passion for the German and French language. The podcasts also allow us to illuminate social problems in the context of a Franco-German cooperation. In four international groups, the participants are dealing with very different topics – from racism in German football to the challenges one can face when growing up in a multicultural context. Supported by interviews and testimonials, the bilingually produced podcast discusses problems of racism and populism in several episodes.

Translation Christina Braun

Editorial management
Maha Ganem

I am very happy and proud to be able to guide and support the participants in producing their podcasts. The podcasts allow them to explore the impact of racism and populism for those affected. This project is of high importance because it allows the participants to fully immerse themselves in another culture and gives them the opportunity to bring up important social questions.

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