Against racism and populism in its own city

From Tristan Rott

When it comes to the topic of racism and populism, most people in Germany directly think of the inflammatory statements of Alice Weidel in the German parliament or questionable populist statements of members of various parties. What probably nobody thinks of is how racism and populism are reflected in our city councils. Local politics is much more important and significant for everyday life than many imagine. At the same time, there is not enough information about these two essential issues in city politics, at least in my opinion. In this film, affected people and city councilors have their say on the subject and explain how we can work together to fight racism and populism in our own municipalities.

About the author:
Tristan Rott

Tristan is 18 years old and a German-French volunteer for the Crous in Strasbourg as part of a voluntary service with the German-French Youth-Office. After that year, he aims to study natural science or engineering. He originally comes from a small village near Regensburg, is very interested in politics and does kickboxing, pointfighting and Tae-Kwon-Do.

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