About the Video Project “Spot on racism and populism”

Creating videos together with participants scattered all over Europe (France, Germany and Finland): how can that be made possible? One option would be for all participants to shoot their own videos on their cell phones from home and compiling the clips afterwards.

Our solution was different, though. We invented a new genre: The “ZOOM Film”. The students worked in groups of two to five and shot their videos directly on a Zoom compatible device. Subsequently they would videoconference with their groups and edit the films together. This is how long-distance collaboration was made possible.

One script, one text and many drawings: This collaborative videoconferencing approach has also led to the creation of an animated anti-racist film. It required a lot of work and went far beyond the workshop hours. Surely, this wouldn’t have been possible without the students’ strong commitment. The participants let their imagination run free. This led to the production of three very different films with an educational impetus and a strong statement “against racism and populism.”


Lisa Voelter:
Austrian-German director and camerawoman
Margitta Freund:
Journalist (radio ARD/SWR) and media educator

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