The project

Voices against racism and populism” is a Franco-German blog and film project.

Racist attitudes, populist tendencies: The stoking of hatred, anger and prejudice against social groups and minorities is present in both daily life and in the digital realm. Populist movements and their opinion leaders are on the rise. They accept, provoke and reinforce the division within society. Racist attitudes go hand in hand with this and often form the foundation of populist movements.

The bilateral blog project “Voices against Racism and Populism” aims to raise awareness across borders about the existing problems of racism and populism within our society. This has resulted in the creation of a multimedia platform where voices against racism and populism can be shared.

On this blog you can find journalistic articles, field reports and short films on the subject of racism and populism, which were produced jointly by German and French volunteers and students from the Upper Rhine and Lyon regions. They were supported by “Jugendpresse Deutschland e.V.” with its independent teaching editorial office “Politikorange” and “Kommunikation und Medien e.V.” in Freiburg.

Suggestions for reporting sensitive to discrimination and critical of racism were contributed by the “Neue Deutschen Medienmacher*innen e.V.” (New German Media Makers). In the course of our editorial work we have dealt a lot with the question of an adequate representation of the people who are legitimated to talk about racism. Testimonials of affected people that have been sent to us are the core of our project and can be found on our blog in the section “Testimonials“. Other journalistic articles dealing with the topic of racism and populism can be found in the section “Articles by the editorial staff“.

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