About us

We are an editorial team of ten German and French students as well as volunteers of the Franco-German Youth Office. Our mission is to produce journalistic contributions on the topic of racism and populism as a part of the project “Voices against racism and populism“.

We are not only united by our passion for language, but above all by our interest in engaging in the Franco-German context and in addressing and thinking about socially relevant issues in order to contribute to cross-border Franco-German cooperation.

Working as a bilingual journalistic editorial team on this blog project allowed us to test our Franco-German cooperation and has given us the opportunity to create a digital space that gives visibility to voices against racism and populism.

The project has produced texts both from within the editorial team as well as contributions that were produced in collaboration with students from the Universities of the Upper Rhine and Lyon, which tell of experiences with racism and populism.

Our editorial work was actively supported by “Jugendpresse Deutschland e.V.” and its independent media project “politikorange“. “Politikorange” is an educational editorial program run by young media professionals to support young and upcoming media professionals. Its topic-specific editorial offices introduce people to the journalistic craft and editorial working methods whilst promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge at the same time. Our work on the articles was guided by the editors-in-chief Véronique Gantenberg and Hannah Bernstein from Jugendpresse Deutschland e.V. as well as Christina Braun from “Studierendenwerk Freiburg“, who provided us with advice and support.

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